The Babyface collection is produced in India, China and Germany. 90% of our suppliers and agents have been our collaborative partners for more than ten to fifteen years. We firmly believe in long-standing and close relationships that are based on mutual trust. We always encourage the open dialogue as this enhances and strengthens predictability and stability. These pleasant and constructive collaborations also ensure that we can increase our impact on improving our products and make them more sustainable, as well as improve the lives of labourers.

Many people work lovingly on the clothing items to make sure that children can wear them safely and responsibly. Every tier in our production chain adds another beautiful element to our products. However, every chain also poses potential risks that can affect people and the environment.

Making Babyface more sustainable starts with gaining insight into the entire supply chain as the only way to know where to improve means knowing the potential risks. This is why we aim for 100% chain transparency. As a commitment to this goal to aim we signed the Transparency Pledge in February 2021 and listed our production locations in the Open Apparel Registry.

Here you can find our production locations.