About us

The smile in your mind

The future belongs to those who dare to dream and discover the world*. We want to help you go on adventures, find your limits (and cross them every now and then). You will find out who you are and learn to stand on your own two feet. Be amazed, play, fill your backpack with experiences and create your own future.

Especially in these times when parents are taught "never to be afraid" and when children are given Velcro shoes instead of learning how to tie their shoelaces**, this is a very important topic. Babyface wants to help parents to help their child discover the world and be resilient. Babyface wants to help parents help their children discover the world and become more resilient. You can see this reflected in our designs, in the stories we tell, and the games and games and assignments that we give in different ways.

The child and its future are central to us. Not only the child who wears our clothes, but also the children of the people who make them. The future we envisage is a sustainable one. We do this by making our clothes in a responsible way of making our clothes. With nature-friendly fabrics and in factories where the employees are treated well and fairly. So that these parents can also realise a bright future for their child.

We also want to help children make a positive contribution to their own future. For example, we help parents to explain to their children why you need to take good care of the planet and nature and how you can do this in a playful way. and nature and how you can do this together with your child in a playful way.

Babyface vision & mission


We want to ensure that children can discover the world in a playful and comfortable way and create their own future wherever they live.


We help children to go on adventures and become more resilient through play and we help mothers to make this possible. When children experience our clothes, see our prints, play games, read our stories, they feel like the explorers of the 21st century.

* Reference to quote by Eleanor Roosevelt Founder of the Universal Declaration Reference to the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, founder of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
** Reference to Executive Skills, or 21st century skills. Courses courses in this field are in constant demand at primary schools in the Netherlands.