About us

Babyface – that smile looks good on you

Crawling, scrambling, climbing and taking the first uncertain steps - there will come a time when your child will gradually start to discover more about the world. Sometimes very cautiously, sometimes very daringly, but almost always with a big smile, and by trial and error. Clothing for your little explorer should therefore not only be comfortable and give him or her complete freedom of movement, but also be able to withstand some wear and tear. Babyface makes that kind of clothing - super comfortable, wonderfully soft and available in many fun, humorous and trendy designs that will make your child feel great. The Babyface clothing collection is made of high-quality and sustainable materials. Your child can crawl, climb and clamber to their heart's content, and you can wash those favorite pants endlessly without them wearing or looking washed out. With Babyface, sustainability and comfort go hand in hand, and you can see and feel it! All our clothing is wonderfully soft and made of cotton with the BCI quality mark (Better Cotton Initiative), a label that can only be used for cotton grown in a sustainable way. The Babyface collection is for children between the ages of 1 month and 1.5 years, and available in sizes 56 to 86. You can endlessly combine our clothing in cheerful colors and funny, cool and sweet designs. Mix and match as much as you want, so that your child can explore the world every day with a big smile.

About Babyface 

Babyface is a quirky, cheerful and sustainable clothing brand with an extensive collection of children's clothing designed by a passionate team. Quality and sustainability are central to every design - we only work with environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, and ensure that our clothing is made in a safe environment where employees are treated fairly and decently. To make the coolest clothes for your child, we effortlessly combine funny images, new colors and trendy designs. You can find more information about Babyface, our other brands A Tiny Story and Stains & Stories, and the retail addresses on our website (www.babyface.nl).