A Tiny Story

Each day 350.000 babies are born in this world, all starting the first page of their own Tiny Story. In time they will discover the world, a place full of surprises, love and growth. A world we have to share and take care of with each other.

We think it's important that the choices we make ensure a better world. Therefor A Tiny Story is made. A tiny collection, which contains natural colors and can be worn by boys and girls. The garments are minimalistic in style, but are made of beautiful, soft fabrics with high quality.
To contribute to A Tiny Story of the little ones we love, the entire collection is made from organic cotton and wears the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.


A Tiny Story is available from size 50 till 74. You can mix and match the entire collection, wich includes hats, slippers, rompers, suits, shirts and pants. The starting price for pants and shirts is €13,95. Do you know the origin of your garment? All of our products will get a QR code on the hangtag. When you scan it you can see his journey.