Children must be able to play uninhibitedly and so the Babyface team spends a great deal of attention to finding the right fabrics because we want their clothes to be comfortable, sturdy, and safe. In 2020 84% of the Babyface collection is made of cotton. Cotton has many beneficial properties that make it such a comfortable material for babies and children. The fabric is breathable, feels soft, absorbs a lot of moisture, has a long lifespan, and it is sturdy. Cotton is also washable at high temperatures.

Unfortunately, cotton also has its downsides as it can negatively affect the environment and people. Therefore we focussing on more sustainable materials. In 2020 the entire Babyface newborn collection consisted of organic cotton. Early 2021, our supplier informed us that Babyface will not be able to buy GOTS certified cotton for the 2021 Winter collection or any other organic cotton without this quality label. This posed an unforeseen obstacle in our promising steps to substantially increase the percentage of organic cotton in our collections.

Our sustainable alternative

We never stop investing in more sustainable materials for the Babyface collections. Unfortunately, we do need to adjust our goals relating to the use of GOTS organic cotton, but that doesn’t mean that we will waver from our ambition. We adjust our approach and our vision is stronger than ever. Babyface is not interested in fighting for the last available ball of cotton and against exorbitant market prices – we invest in the transition to more sustainable cotton farming. Only the latter can ultimately solve the root cause of the problem. We are also currently investigating the options to contribute to this. One of the decisions we have made is joining the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and we are now starting the registration procedure. We also closely follow the activities undertaken by the Organic Cotton Accelerator although, sadly enough, an affiliation with this organisation will be a too costly investment for us right now. This is why we are now looking into joining this initiative as a collective member with other companies.

Read more about our use of materials and the sustainble steps we take in our CSR annual report 2020.