CSR Policy

Babyface established a CSR policy in 2019. Our operations take place around the world and help to provide jobs, innovation, and economic growth. At the same time, there are risks. By implementing a CSR policy, we commit to identifying risks of violations of any kind and deal with these risks. We have earmarked nine themes relating to the garment and textile industry and put them on our list of priorities in the collaboration with our stakeholders. These themes require urgent attention. In a random order, they are:

  1.  Discrimination & gender
  2. Child labour
  3. Enforced labour
  4. Freedom of association and trade unions
  5. Living wage
  6. Health & safety in the workplace
  7. Materials
  8. Water, energy, and chemicals
  9. Animal welfare

Based on the ILO and OECD guidelines for the garment and footwear industry, we add the further themes:
  • Working hours
  • Ethical trade and prevention of bribery and corruption
  • Banning sexual intimidation and sex and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the workplace.
  • The possibility for individuals and groups to express their concerns via a complaint mechanism.
You can read all about our comprehensive policy, including our points of view, in the responsible business conduct.